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About Goodale Entertainment


Artist Statement

My step-grandfather Joe decided to challenge me one night he caught me reading one of the old Walter Farley books. He told me he didn’t think I was reading correctly, that I wasn’t seeing what was written on the page, I was going to show him. He read a paragraph from the book to me and had me tell him what I saw. For the first time I closed my eyes and could see everything, could feel the wind on my face smell the sweet smells. I came alive that day in my creativity. My writing changed and how I viewed things. Instead of bland I would immerse myself in my imagination with every part of my being.

I wrote more and my description of things took on a whole new meaning. When I wrote now it was like I was there. Experiencing it like it was really happening around me. I could see, taste, and feel it. Wanting to learn how to get it out so that people could both read and see it, I pushed to know more. Learn about editing; learn more about how to use a camera, more about sound and music. There was nothing I didn’t want to learn.

With my drive to learn more I’ve developed the ability to take what I need to tell the story and evoke the emotion even on a minimalist level. I look forward to taking my ability to work with what is given to me and making it work for the situation and needs at hand. I look forward to making compelling narratives, and marketing videos combining both my affinity for technology and animals.


For most of her life, Michelle Goodale has been obsessed with a good story. From books to movies to theater, Goodale looks for the elements of connective emotion that makes the story universal.

Goodale chose to elevate her own skills by studying at The Art Institute of California-Sacramento, graduating with her Bachelors of Science in Digital Filmmaking. She’s an accomplished editor, cinematographer and web designer, always emphasizing on making a good story

Goodale has focused her creative endeavors in two areas: seeking clients in which she can use her design and story skills to help drive their message; and continuing her own pursuit of creating works that inspire and connect her audience.